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HDP in A drive to Improve Health Services in Gikomero sector, Gasabo District.

Gikomero Health Center was constructed in 2008 with the full technical and financial support from Health Development and Performance (HDP) organization.

The Mission of HDP is to strengthening the Rwandan communities’ in particular and African in general in implementation of joint or individual actions by using available and appropriate means in contributing to Achieving the welfare of the population; Improving the quality of social services; Encouraging the population to actively participate in development, to use and appreciate services and Innovating adapted solutions to newly identified needs.

Before the Construction of Gikomero Health Centre there was no other Health facility in the whole Sector.The catchment population travelled long distances to look for medical services.

“This Health Center really is one of the activities that have had a positive impact for the entire population.” said Mujawayezu Aurelie, Deputy head of Gikomero Health center. “Before the construction of this hospital, our Population traveled long distance beyond five kilometers per hour to seek medical services elsewhere, such as in the surrounding areas like Kayanga, Nyagasambu, Rwamagana, Ndera, Bumbogo and everywhere." She added.

It is 7h30 AM, we are traveling from Kimironko to Gikomero Health Centre, 20 Km away from the Headquarter of Health Development and Performance (HDP) organization, one of the Development Partners of Gasabo District.

Since 2009 until today, the Health center has integrated all medical services including, General checkups and screening, Vaccination/Immunization (newborns, children, pregnant women and others, Antenatal Care (ANC), Family planning, HIV voluntary counseling & testing (VCT), prevention of mother-to child transmission (PMTCT) and Provider Initiated Testing (PIT), Preventive treatment (e.g. opportunistic Infections), Post Exposure Prophylaxis, Management of SGBV cases Primary curative consultation, Clinical psychology/counseling/mental health consultation, Management of communicable and non-communicable diseases, Therapeutic nutritional rehabilitation, Minor surgery with or without local anesthesia, Therapeutic Circumcision, Delivery, Basic Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care (BeONC-B), Postnatal consultation, Follow up of non-communicable conditions, Traumatology. E.g. Pain management, wound care, immobilization, Hospitalization. (< 72h, longer stay , Laboratory activities :Immuno-serology, Hematology, Biochemistry, Parasitological and Microbiology. Pharmacy detail(Official Gazette nº06 of 08/02/2016).

The center has come out to help the whole population of the Gikomero Sector even though there are some others coming from the neighboring sectors.

The official catchment population to be served by Gikomero Health Center is 18,114 habitants 2018-2019. Of these, 90% have already paid for health community health insurance and another 2,264 are using other insurances such as RAMA, RSSB and MMI.

"Our monthly service outpatient (OPD) expected is 1,494 Patients if you divide the total number of the whole population by the 12 months of the Year." said Mujawayezu. Munyemana Wenceslas, who is 70years old is one of the Beneficiaries of this Health Centre. He narrated that "Today we don’t get fatigue; we are no longer walking long distances to get treatments. In past, we used to cross the Muhazi Lake to seek medical services in Rwamagana. Today we receive these services without tiring.”

Another woman who was at the health center when we visited the Centre in this week told us how the place where the health center was built was totally a Jungle and no one could even pass there during the later hours.

"Our children used to miss immunization chances, but today we are very happy for this health center, we get timely service" she adds.

“We developed an idea of health center construction and after we collaborated with Gasabo District which has given us a plot then we started the Construction activities. We spent over One fifty hundred million Rwandan Francs on the Construction and startup equipments.”

It is worth noting that, besides building the Health Center at Gikomero and provision of capacity building through various trainings, the organization has engaged in other development initiatives.

HDP is one of the District’s Development Partners of Gasabo District. On his side Jean Claude Hassan Mpakaniye, in charge of the Health Committee at the Health Center, said “We use the Health Center as an opportunity to show the Public what we are doing while at the same time providing them with the necessary information about the health including free HIV testing and Non communicable diseases screening.

HDP supports community in Gikomero

On 22nd September 2018, the Health Development and Performance (HDP) Organization held three events in line with its continuous support to improve lives of local community in Gikomero Sector of Gasabo District, in the City of Kigali. Health Development and Performance (HDP) is non-Government Organization established in Rwanda aiming at improving health status of the population in the Africa and in Rwanda specifically.

On Saturday HDP Staff paid a visit to Rutunga Genocide Memorial to Honor the victims of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. The memorial accommodates over 100 remains of Tutsis killed in the Genocide. Ibuka President in Rutunga Sector said that “Many Tutsis in the area were thrown in Muhazi Lake.” He explained that “A big number of Tutsis were killed in Rutunga and some others who came from neighboring sectors like Gikomero were killed by Genocidal militia and threw them in Lake Muhazi.”

The Social Affairs of Rutunga Sector highlighted that as part of commemorating Tutsis thrown in Muhazi, there is a Genocide monument built near the lake and the place is used as a remembrance site for those who were killed and thrown in Lakes.

After brief Introduction on the massacres that happened in Rutunga, HDP Staff, Sector officials and the Gasabo District representatives toured the memorial and observed a minute of silence to honor all Tutsis killed during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis.

They also placed flowers on the grave which accommodates over 100 remains of Tutsis.

Speaking at the Event, the Deputy Legal Representative of HDP board Nsengiyumva Bernard said that “Visiting the Genocide memorial Centre is in line with the comfort to the Genocide Survivors as well as honoring those who were departed from us.”

He added that this also help people to keep the memory of what happened to make sure that the Genocide never happen again. HDP gave support to the memorial as far as the continuous functions of the memorial services are concerned.

After visiting the Rutunga Genocide Memorial Centre, HDP delegation and Gasabo district officials headed to Gikomero Health Centre to officially handover to the health Centre a well-constructed security fence surrounding the Gikomero Health Centre which was also constructed with a 100% contribution of HDP.

The Event was graced by Mberabahizi Raymond, the Vice Mayor in charge Economic Development in Gasabo District.

The Deputy Legal Representative of HDP board Nsengiyumva Bernard said that “About 15 million Rwandan francs were spent on the construction of the fence.”

He added that the fence was constructed in order to ensure the safety of the hospital as well as for the patients.

For Mberabahizi “This is a very good initiative which laudable.”

He also advised the centre to plant fruits trees in the hospitals garden so they can be used to provide nutritious food to patients especially to children.

Mberabahizi also promised the district’s support in providing fruits seedlings that will be planted around the Health Centre. Both sides agreed to start working on that plan since it will benefit mostly patients.

After the event, the delegation also joined Genocide Survivors in Rudakabukirwa village to celebrate the electricity grid which was connected to their houses, thanks to seven million Rwandan francs provided by HDP as part of the continued support to the wellbeing of local population of Gikomero Sector.

Speaking on behalf of beneficiaries, Mukantaganda Florence thanked HDP for connecting their houses to electricity grid. She also thanked the HDP for the electrification of their village adding that “We can now work on project that can help us to generate income with the use of electricity.

She, however, noted that “Some challenges are still hindering their well-beings include lack of clean water among others.”

In his speech, Mberabahizi Raymond commended the contribution of the development partners adding that “It is a very inspiring to a Rwandan NGO partnering with the District to improve the socio-economic lives of citizens.”

He said “HDP initiatives in Gikomero have shown positive impacts on community.”

“Really the District has many challenges to deal with. We work with our development partners like HDP.” He said.

“When good partners like these ones you see here today, approach us, we join together and discuss where the district needs the intervention. That’s how the district works with all development partners to ensure the well-being of its population.” Mberabahizi said. He however called upon the local community to join hands and work hard towards their socio-economic development.

“But let’s join hands and work hard. You can’t develop if you are not working. Let’s use our brains to find solutions to our challenges and partners will intervene where our capacity can’t work.” Mberabahizi urged resident in Rudakabukirwa village.

According to HDP officials, the organization will continue to work closely with the district to make sure that its contribution is playing positive role in the development of Gasabo District.