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HDP has a wide experience in the implementation of an innovative approach named “Performance Based Financing” applied within health system. Also, other initiatives to sustain, to improve and integrate this strategy in areas other than health like education remains a priority in HDP’s strategic plan.

Through its training center, HDP conducts theoretical and practical capacity building sessions (study tours) for both international and local customers. The products offered by the center are mainly related to the implementation of the Performance Based Financing strategy,on sexual and reproductive health, HIV, community participation and community-based health insurance.

The training center remains a very flexible structure, it can easily adapt to customer demand in terms of customization of products and relocation of its intervention, in any place chosen by the customer or partner.

A consultancy component is running at HDP. This unit also acts as a provider for services mentioned above. The services requested by clients / partners whether at national, regional or international levels. Service providers are either internal experts or external organizations with specific and existing agreements for collaboration.

The implementation of projects to improve the health of the population in partnership or alone is an important component in HDP. The business volume remains a major source of the ongoing work for HDP team. Product diversification is carried out on the broad field of public health in which HDP has chosen to carry out projects either on the side of a service consumer or a service provider. As a service consumer, HDP has identified district hospitals, health centers and health posts as partners. While as a service provider, groups identified within a community are key actors in the implementation of projects.

Under the innovation and income generating activities spirit of the organization, products have been designed and implemented. The IT solution "Mganga net" to strengthen the financial management of health facilities is being developed. Access to finance for health facilities is another product developed in partnership with other partners who have a long standing experience in Banking and business continuity concept. Positive returns that can contribute to the mobilization of the organization's financial resources are in permanent consideration.